Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Windows distribution of EWG so much bigger?

Because the Windows headers are so much bigger. The platform specific distributions already contain the generated wrapper code. The bigger the header, the bigger the resulting wrapper code.

Does EWG support C++ as well?

No, EWG does not support C++. It only supports C. C and C++ are two distinct languages and C++ is far more complex. WrapIt is a tool that tries to wrap both C and C++ libraries. WrapIt is not a fully automated wrapper generator as EWG is. It is my understanding that WrapIt does not parse the C/C++ header directly but instead reads an interface file, that the user needs to provide.

Why does the generated C glue code produce C-compiler warnings?

There are a couple of areas where EWG doesn't have all information it would need to properly satisfy all C compilers. This is being worked on and the warnings will eventually disappear.

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Last Updated: 8 March 2005