Building the tools


EWG (the package) contains two tools:

The source to those tools is located in ${EWG}/src. When using a binary distribution (i.e. not the source distribution) there is no need to compile the tools, as they come already precompiled for your platform.


The following is a list of requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to compile EWG (the tool). Please note that these are not necessarily the same as the requirements needed to compile applications and libraries using the EWG runtime, or using the ewg tools.

Compiling the Tools

The following will use the Gobo tools to setup and install (gepp, lext and yacc) the source code and its test cluster, then compile ewg and Doctor C and put the binary into ${EWG}/bin:

	 cd ${EWG}
	 geant install
	 geant compile

Copyright 2004-2005, Andreas Leitner
Last Updated: 8 March 2005