Getting EWG

Setting EWG Up

The following describes actions that should be taken to properly setup EWG.

In the following I am using the Unix notation for environment variables ${FOOBAR}, even when talking about windows (where the notation is %FOOBAR%).

The following example shows a possible setup for windows:

	 set EWG=C:\ewg
	 set PATH=%PATH%;%EWG%\bin
	 set GOBO_EIFFEL=se
	 set GOBO_CC=msc

The following example shows a possible setup for linux:

	 export EWG=/home/aleitner/ewg
	 export PATH=$PATH:$EWG\bin
	 export GOBO_EIFFEL=ise
	 export GOBO_CC=gcc

You have to make sure that whatever Eiffel compiler or C compiler gets used can be located via the PATH environment variable. For Visual C, there is usually a special command line window you can open, that automatically has everything necessary set. ISE Eiffel and SmartEiffel have to be added to PATH by hand. GCC can (at least on Unix like systems) usually be located via PATH by default. If in doubt consult the corresponding tool documentation.

Copyright 2004-2005, Andreas Leitner
Last Updated: 8 March 2005